Welcome to ABODE

ABODE provides a welcoming, peaceful home and unconditional loving care to our guests through the compassionate service of our community and volunteers.

Our Vision

Dying is a sacred time of life. Love, compassion, and a home matter to all who are dying; those whom we honor and from whom we learn. We serve the community as an educational resource in the art of contemplative living and dying.
Donors in 2016
Thank you for giving generously.
Edward Alderette   Mary Flanagan   Rita Minkley
Cynthia Alleman   Leonard Flaum   Sunny Mitchell
Cindy Alleman   Lawrence Foulkes   Susan Moreno
Susan Alles   Ana Frietze   Cricket Morrison
Richard Alles   Virginia Fulkerson   Maripat Munley
Carol Andrews   Bill Furst   Liz Newhouse
Diane Anest   Gretchen Garceau-Kragh   Gretchen O'Gorman
Judith Anthony   Adela B Garcia-Koza   Susan Olson
Peg Armstrong   Adriana Garza   Jana Orsinger
Susan Ayers   Chuck Gibbons   Gary and Becky Osborne
Gretchen and Alex Bealer   Kathy & Patrick Glasow   Paul Parker
Diana Beardsley   Elizabeth Glass   Debbie Pennell
Cletus Behlmann   Paul Golliher   Carmen Pettit
Lyn Belisle   Kathleen Graham   Jefferson Prestridge
Kris Bird   Marilyn Graham   Kerry & Chris Quinn
Patricia Britton   Nanette Grojean   Marie Quinn
John Brooks   Bill Groos   David Ray
Stella Brown   Leslie Guidry   Edith Reed
Betsy Brown   Larisa Gurevich   Kelly Rivera Rivera
Jennifer Bullis   Beverly Hart   Julie Roberts
Geraldine and Gary Burkee   Aaron & Beth Hawkins   Tom and Beverly Ross
Spencer Burnam   Teresa Hayes   Izamar Ruff
Niki Burnam   Denise Hernandez   Edwin & Patsy Sasek
Dean Byers   S.C. Hernandez   Joan Schmelzle
Concepcion Calvillo   Ann Hillestad   Garry Schnelzer
Amador and Melinda Cano   William Hudnell   Lockwood Scroggin
Charles Carson   Gale and James Ingram   Jennifer Scroggins
Jane Cheever Powell   Felix or Madelene Janek   Mary Seitz
Susan Christensen   Patricia Jordt   Laura Shaver
David and Marky Collier   Janet and Ed Kasper   Leonard and Emili Slott
Salvador and Margaret Contreras   Ken  and Rita Keene   Julia Smith
Diane Datz   Victoria Kiehl   Christie Smith
Pamela Deegear   William Kline   J C Stromberger
Dianne Demko   Sandra Koehler   Richard and Paula Sullivan
Catherine Dhongade   Sheila Korte   Ruth Sulser
Laurie Dietrich   Margaret Lewis   Julia and Chris Sulton
Duane and Phyllis Divich   Catherine and Gary Lillibridge Linda Swindle
Karen Doane   Tom and Carol Mabry   Peter Szarmach
Frances Douglas   Robert and Annis Marshall   Garnet and John Szurek
Jane Dreyfus   Petra McCann   Louise Taylor
Alexis Duda   Joy McGaugh   Valerie Taylor
Carolyn Dufelmeier   John McKelvey   Annette Taylor
Dru Dunn   Lyn McPartlin   Shawna Theriot
Pat Edwards   Noreen Means   Gert Tuckett
Gayle and John Elmer   Marise Melson   Opal Umpiere
Joye Fenerty   John Merkle   John or Tiffany Van Winkle
Richard and June Ferguson   B. K. Mezzetti   Anna Verstegen
Belinda Ferrer   Glee Miller   Cheryl Walthour
Cynthia Ferrer   Kerry Miller   Laura White
Donna Fisher   Marjorie Miller   Patricia Wood
Charles Fisk   Denise Miner-Williams   Jane and Tom Wuellner
        Jane Marie Young

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