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ABODE provides a welcoming, peaceful home and unconditional loving care to our guests through the compassionate service of our community and volunteers.

Our Vision

Dying is a sacred time of life. Love, compassion, and a home matter to all who are dying; those whom we honor and from whom we learn. We serve the community as an educational resource in the art of contemplative living and dying.
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Hope you enjoy the in-depth articles about some of the staff and volunteers who help fulfill our mission, as well as the latest news about ABODE.

Dear Friends,

HandsWe remembered Carolyn with Ed, family, friends and colleagues at her memorial service–beautiful and poignant, funny and sacred. It was said she would have communicated these words: "Creator, you have given us a tough and even more magnificent life. Thank you, Creator." She remains in the heart of all those who loved her. Thank you, Carolyn.

New plumbing challenge and repair

As many of you know, on June 3 a plumbing failure occurred at the ABODE Home when the grinder pump overheated causing sewage to flow from a drain into the kitchen and dining room of the home. The affected area was dried out and sterilized as baseboards and a portion of drywall were removed in the dining room, kitchen and pantry. Also, a portion of the vinyl flooring in the dining room was removed. A contractor gave his estimate to insurance and scheduled renovation. The plumbers did determine the grinder pump was too small, and adjustors were coming to agree it had to be upgraded to a larger pump. We made the decision to close the home to guests until work was complete.

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Then this happened

On Friday morning, after the heavy rains on Thursday night, Jane Marie, ABODE's executive director, arrived to work to find that nearly every room had water on the floors with sewage that came from the sewer pipes located in the foundation. One bedroom escaped damage. Plumbers have determined that the pipes in the house did not have enough pitch for solid wastes to be completely drained, so when the grinder pump failed again, rain water that filled the pit backed up into the house and pushed the sewage from the pipes in the foundation up into the house. We acted quickly, and dirty water was completely removed from the home Friday, the floor was sterilized, and clean up began.  Jane Marie, staff and volunteers worked hard to secure and move important items to safety. ABODE's insurance adjustor met with the remediation contractor.  Removal of almost all of the flooring and baseboards will take place this weekend. I have been in touch with the builder's insurance, and the adjustor will meet us there on Tuesday. It appears the pipe beneath the home needs to be removed and replaced. We believe this is a warranty issue.

As Carolyn knew, life is unpredictable, and unforeseen things happen. We see this as a magnificent challenge for ABODE! We are so very grateful to all of our staff, volunteers and friends like you who have been lifting us up through prayer, offering willing hands and donations to see us through this tough spot in the road.  We will be up and running as soon as possible. Until then, all our staff and volunteers will continue to do what's needed to transform the ABODE home. In the meantime, we are exploring the possibility of finding a home we can use in the interim, to continue our mission to care for the neediest at the end of life.

The Gift of a Challenge Grant!

The brother of one of our volunteers has offered $10,000 in matching funds if ABODE receives $10,000 during this period of remediation, upgrade and repair. Thus far, we have received nearly $5,000. All donations help, and you can help to achieve the generous offer. It all goes to the good of ABODE. And, if it's not needed for repairs (because insurance will cover some of the expense) the donor has stipulated that ABODE may use it where ever it's needed.  So this is very generous indeed. If you can help in any way, please donate today to get the ABODE Home opened as soon as possible.

With Gratitude and Hope,
Edwin Sasek
Founder and Board President
ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying

Your donation is most welcomed!

On Valentine's Day, one of the most iconic artists in San Antonio, Brother Cletus hosted an "afternoon of Brotherly Love" to benefit ABODE.

It was a glorious afternoon filled with friends, food and the fun of lots of people going home with colorful joyful paintings by Brother Cletus.

In case you weren't able to attend... or maybe you just couldn't decide what you wanted to purchase last Saturday, you still have a chance! Brother Cletus is graciously extending the sale through next Saturday, Feb. 21st. Now that's a happy ending!

You can either look at his website at www.cletusart.com or call his studio at 210-771-8305 and set up a time to go in person any weekday from now through Saturday, February 21, between 1:00 and 4:00. His studio at 2507-B 36th Street, San Antonio, 78228.

Remember 40% will go to ABODE to help fund operating expenses. We're so grateful for the generosity of Bro. Cletus and all the people who helped and attended last Saturday to continue the mission of ABODE.

We hope you will help too with the purchase of a beautiful and joyful Bro. Cletus painting!

With a grateful heart,
Edwin Sasek
Founder and Board President
ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying

Remember, ABODE also gratefully accepts estate gifts including bequests, life insurance and retirement plans.
Please call 210-967-9891 to discuss.

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 ABODE is... from Love Made Me Do It Productions on Vimeo.
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Dear Friends,

Our new guest, looking out the French Doors of her room at ABODE onto the lush gardens outside said, "It's so beautiful!"  It is this profound beauty at end of life that sustains us to do our mission... to provide a home to welcome our guests at no charge in their final days on earth. They feel welcomed, cared for, and safe in our home, thanks to YOU and your continuing help in 2015.

Recently, our dear guest and her husband celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary at ABODE. We are so grateful to have been a part of it as staff, family and volunteers gathered to share the event.

As we plan for this new year ahead, there are many opportunities for you to help. We are starting new volunteer classes. Call Jane Marie at 210-967-9891, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to abodehome.org to make an application.

You're invited to "An Aftenoon of Brotherly Love" with iconic San Antonio Artist, Bro. Cletus... on Valentine's   Day, Feb. 14 from 2-5 PM.  Enjoy  wine and cheese, camaraderie and good cheer. Along with beautiful artwork as well as gift items like tiles, coffee mugs, tote bags and coasters... all unique gift items for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. Such a wonderful deal, with 40% of your purchase going to ABODE!

Come and be a part of the fun!

With heartfelt good wishes,

Edwin Sasek
Founder and Board President 

ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying

PS: This beautiful passage is from a Hindu Story... 

For the Homeless Lord who gives refuge to one who surrenders, he wanted to build a beautiful abode. He never thought of his financial capacity. All that was in his mind was somehow to build an abode for the Immortal Beauty that stole away his heart.

ABODE gratefully accepts estate gifts including bequests, life insurance and retirement plans. Please call 210-967-9891 to discuss.

Open House Celebration"We're so impressed, what a beautiful home!"

"It's a dream fulfilled, we're so happy to be part of it.”

“Many blessings on the ABODE home." These were some of the many comments that people wrote at the Open House on Saturday, September 27.

And what a glorious day it was. Filled with rain and sun, friends and family, well-wishers and those who realized they wanted to be a part of this mission called ABODE.

Jane Marie Young, ABODE’s executive director, has met some wonderful applicants for care coordinator and overnight staff, and we have had staff and volunteer training taking place. Although we are still waiting for CPS to connect us with city gas, as you can imagine, there is much to be done as we continue getting ready to welcome our first guest. 

This is indeed a dream come true for many of the board, advisory board, founding members, friends, funding agencies and supporters like you!

As we journey together in the next chapter of ABODE we look forward to many heartwarming and life transforming stories to share.

With gratitude,


See the collage of Open House Photos (.pdf file format)

"Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey."

With the near completion of the ABODE Home, we are feeling like we have arrived at our goal at last. Now, that same spirit of a caring community that helped us build the home, helps us continue on our journey to begin our real goal...to care for those in need at end of life.

Opening Celebration Coming Soon

front 09.09.2014We are still completing the final touches on our home. We have learned to be mindful of the need to be patient and intentional when finishing the details--after all, God is in the details, Joseph Campbell said. Our Open House Celebration will be on Saturday, September 27 from 2-6 PM. We know you are sure to be there either in person or in spirit. We welcome you!

During the Open House, come and and take a tour of the new ABODE Home at 8619 Post Oak Lane any time between 2:00 and 6:00 PM. We are so proud of the home that YOU have helped build--and we know you will be proud too! Parking is at the corner at MacArthur Park Church of Christ. Shuttle service is also available. Almost ready...

With gratitude,
Edwin Sasek
Founder/ Board President
ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying

 We are raising our first year of Operating Expenses
Your donation is most welcomed!

  Celebrate Contemplative Arts Month With Us!
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art openings, workshops and special events! 

photoContemplo.2014Join us Thursday, Sept. 4th, 6-8 PM for our
Evening Reception of Photo Contemplo Cathedral House Gallery, 111 Torcido Dr.
Sponsored by ABODE and VIVA Bookstore and Galeria.

We are grateful to have more good news, and know that you'll be happy to hear it.

We are pleased to announce a $25,000 grant from the Greehey Family Foundation to be used for operating expenses for daily care for up to 70 guests a year who have entered the last few months of life. Our guests will be given care at ABODE by staff and trained volunteers, while the hospice agency visits and provides professional medical care. There will be no cost to our guests.

The Greehey Family Foundation provides funding to improve health and human welfare conditions, to brighten the lives of sick and disadvantaged children, to educate, and to help transform the lives of the homeless.

This grant will help meet operating expenses for 2014. How wonderful to have received it, along with so many other donations from the community, as we prepare to receive ABODE's first guests.

While this grant is helping to cover operational expenses in 2014, we will need $240,000 in operating funds in 2015, so please take a moment and visit  to donate today.
Opening Celebration Coming Soon
Be watching for the ABODE Opening Celebration in September!
With gratitude,  
Edwin Sasek 
Founder/ Board President 
ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying 
Lone Star Bank donationThank you to all our friends from Lone Star National Bank who gathered necessities for the home, like paper goods and cleaning supplies.

Amazing news...ABODE has received two very important grants that, along with YOUR donations have successfully put us to the top of our building campaign goals!

We are pleased to announce a grant by the Meadows Foundation to be used to complete the building of the home at 8619 Post Oak Lane.

Two Grants to Reach One Goal
We are especially pleased to announce the generous grant of $50,000 from the Meadows Foundation will allow us to successfully complete our $75,000 challenge grant from the Mabee Foundation dedicated to the building of the new

Opening Celebration Coming Soon
ABODE's building contractor, Josh Gershner has told us that the home should be finished around mid August. Tentatively ABODE will have an Opening Celebration in September!

With gratitude, 

Edwin Sasek 
Founder/ Board President 
ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying
Our next goal is to have a year's Operating Budget Saved by Opening Day

Your donation is most welcomed!

Prayers were written on the beams and studs of the ABODE home before the sheetrock went up!


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