Monday Meditation

Monday Meditation 5:30-6:30 PM: A Short Span of Days – Edwin Sasek, a hospice chaplain for 20 years, and co-founder of ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying, will facilitate an ongoing meditation group with a focus on the spirituality of living and dying. With reference to Father Laurence Freeman’s work “A Short Span of Days: Meditation for the Dying Person, the Family and the Caregiver,” Roshi Joan Halifax’s work “Being with Dying,” Rumi, and others.

This inter-spiritual meditation group will continue on Monday evenings with shared group leadership, beginning with a short reading, followed by silent meditation, and conversation. For beginners and experienced meditators. Sponsored by ABODE. No charge, gathers in VIVA Galleria, 8407 Broadway, 78209, 210-826-1143.

Building as a Contemplative Art

It can sometimes be a bit difficult to understand how work can be contemplative. Surely the workers who scraped the ground, framed in the foundation, poured and smoothed the concrete for the building of ABODE Home did not think, "This morning my work, my labor, will be a time of contemplation!" And yet, as seen through our videographer's eyes, the act of creation was indeed sacred. See for yourself how very special it can be when work is celebrated as sacred.

Celebration Circle

Celebration Circle

Edwin Sasek is an experienced spiritual director, hospice chaplain and founder of ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying. In this video he talks about the process of enriching our lives by consciously embracing death.

If this video fails to load, please go to Vimeo to see the video.

Contemplative Arts

There is a wide variety of Contemplative Practices which may be used to cultivate awareness and develop a stronger connection to the divine, God, or inner wisdom. These include:    tree-of-practices thumb

  • Meditation
  • Centering prayer
  • Yoga
  • Labyrinth walking
  • Singing
  • Chanting
  • Art
  • Music
  • Religious or cultural ceremonies
  • Deep listening
  • Storytelling
  • Journaling