CROSSROADS Apprenticeship at ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying

Four apprenticeship opportunities are available January - June, 2018. Each cohort will be open to two people who have end-of-life experience. This is advanced practice individualized to your needs. 

What You Can Expect: In-depth work, personal work.  Your capacity, feelings, beliefs, and heart will be stretched. You will learn things about dying and living you will use the rest of your days on the planet. You will deeply consider your own dying process which will affect how you live. You will be held, nurtured, and encouraged at while at ABODE. You may be at ABODE during the day, evening, or overnight; you will choose. You may or may not experience the death of guest while you are at ABODE. 

What's the difference between Crossroads Training and Apprenticeship? 

  • There is more space (time) for you to experience and hold in-between space, release, and open to new possibilities
  • Less lecture; more hands on
  • You'll learn from a variety of teachers
  • Shadowing
  • Practice of contemplative practices in the moment
  • Skill deepening
  • Confidence building

Your Why: You want to learn so you can help others die well. You want to deepen your knowledge and skills. You want practical experience you can use when you leave. You want to find meaning in your work again. What is your why?


  • You have been with at least three people who have been dying. 
  • You have hands on practical experience working with people at end-of-life as hospice professional, hospice volunteer, caregiver for your family members or others.
  • You are open to learning about contemplative practices.
  • You are open to learning about dying in a spiritual context vs. a religious one.
  • You are not actively grieving the death of someone you love.
  • You recognize the opportunity for your own growth related to endings and beginnings.
  • You will respect confidentiality of guests and families (confidentiality agreement req'd before onsite participation). 
  •  You are willing to participate actively and respectfully during the weeklong experience.
  • You will read/watch/listen to materials provided before participating in your experience at ABODE. 
  • You will talk with Dr. Atkins before being accepted into the Apprenticeship experience. If after the call, Dr. Atkins determines this this is not the right time or right experience for you, your deposit will be refunded. 

When: Dates for each training are below. Each Monday we will begin at 9am and end at 5pm on Friday. This is not necessarily a 9-5 experience. We will instead work with the rhythms of ABODE and opportunities for service that arise. You will meet with your cohort partner and Martha Jo via teleconference for 60 minutes before you come to San Antonio. You will meet three times via teleconference after leaving San Antonio (twice with your cohort partner and once with Dr. Atkins). 

Where: The training is held at ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying in San Antonio, Texas.

You are reponsible for travel.

We will provide hotel accomodations Sunday evening through Saturday morning. You are responsible for getting to and from ABODE.

Breakfast will be offered at your hotel. Lunch is provided daily at ABODE. You will have dinner with Dr. Atkins on Monday and Friday evening. Other meals are on your own. Additional information will be provided once you register. 

Cost: $4,500; $500 deposit or payment in full required to hold your place. All monies go to ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying.

Questions? Email me please,

Cohort 3: April 30 - May 4, 2018

Cohort 3 Apprenticeship

 Deposit $500.00 USD Pay In Full $4,500.00 USD Pay Balance $4,000.00 USD 

Cohort 3 Apprenticeship