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Join us June 28th!

The dinner table is the most forgiving place for difficult conversation.
The ritual of breaking bread creates warmth and connection, and puts us in touch with our humanity.
It offers an environment that is more suitable than the usual places
we discuss end of life.


On August 24, 2013 we launched Death Over Dinner and in a single night we tracked over 500 dinners in 20 countries. Since then there have been over a hundred thousand #deathdinners around the globe. This adventure began when we learned that 75% of Americans want to die at home, yet only 25% of them do. When we learned that how we end our lives is the most important and costly conversation America is not having. And when we realized that a conversation among loved ones, friends, and even strangers could begin to change these numbers, and bring the conversation about death back into mainstream culture.


ABODE will host our inaugural Death Over Dinner Event  

June 28, 2018, 6 - 9 pm, Silo Elevated cuisine, 1604 location.


Only 11 tickets, $200 each, are available for this special event. You will enjoy a 4 course Prix Fixe meal and receive a gift bag. The conversation will be held in a beautiful, intimate private dining room over three hours. 

Intention for the evening: I want to live fully and I understand that difficult conversations are sometimes the most liberating!  

Once registered, you'll be sent homework; something to read, watch, and listen to.

Dr. Martha Jo Atkins, Reverend Judith Rhodes, and RN Suzette OCalliham will lead the discussion.

Registration is Open! 


***There are no refunds for this event***