ABODE opened mortgage free in December 2014. Generosity of individual donors and grantors made it possible to build, landscape and ABODE. Donations have come from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Through 2017, there has been no fee to anyone for our services. 

Our budget for 2017 was $412k.

In 2018

We are innovating to create long-term sustainability for ABODE. While we wish we could continue to work without a fee, to keep our doors open, we likely cannot.

As we move forward with our 2018 budget, our board of directors will be making decisions to support ABODE's long-term viability. The website will be updated as board decisions are made.



Our founders imagined training free of charge. We will always offer some training at no cost, and we must be mindful and create systems that support ABODE's ability to stay open.

We will begin training in 2018, to teach how we do our work with guests and families and ABODE. Contemplative practice is at the heart of what we do so we always start there.



In December 2016, we started our Householders initiative. Householders are monthly donors who support the mission, vision, and values of ABODE. In our mind's eye, we see them standing around the ABODE Home on Post Oak, with their hands on the walls, holding the space and standing witness to the beautiful work happening inside.

Householders donations range from $10 - $300 a month. We have 30 householders (as of 11/9/17). Our goal is to have 200 Householders by the end of 2018. If you wish to become a Householder, click here. 


Householders Circle

The Householders Circle is another level of giving, $100,000 over five years. 

In 2016 we welcomed our first donor into the Householders Circle. We have set a goal for five members of the Housholders Circle. Please contact Dr. Atkins or Director of Development, Anne Ledet to learn more about this initiative.