Our Mission

ABODE is home.

We offer compassionate, interfaith and spiritual care in a contemplative community so those who are dying leave this world with dignity and grace. We teach the art of contemplative living and dying.

Our Vision

We live in a world where death is not feared, and we live fully until we die.

Our Values

Our Values guide every aspect of our work and relationships, and are expressed and advanced through the practice of contemplative living and dying.

Embrace and accept those who enter our door

Foster joy and honor the sacredness of living and dying

Serve and support others and ourselves through tenderness and compassion

Invite opportunities for listening and learning, for growth and healing

Awaken hope, trust and awareness

Attend to the dignity and spirit which permeate each moment

Inspire care and attention to words and actions


***Our Mission, Vision, and Values came from our inagural 2016-2017 Strategic Planning Sessions faciliated by Dr. Judith Vogt and funded by the San Antonio Area Foundation. Strategic planning participants:

 Martha Jo Atkins        Ed Alderette        Birdie Dailey        Diane Datz        Arthur Dawes            Sam Dawson      June Ferguson        Rich Ferguson        Mireya Hinijosa        Waheeda Kara          Petra McCann        BK Mezzetti        Leslie Mixon        Liz Newhouse        Craig Newhouse      Judith Rhodes          Edwin Sasek        Patsy Sasek        Roxanna Soza     Peter Szarmach              Tom Taylor       John Vinson      Anim Williams      Denise Miner-Williams     Kris Westerson