Every Guest who comes to ABODE must be a patient of a hospice agency in the San Antonio area. We do not bring anyone to ABODE who is not receiving hospice care. 

We work with people who are in or near the last three months of life. 

We only take referrals from hospice social workers who have their client on service. Call ABODE (210.967.9891) to make a referral. Clinicals may be sent to admissions@abodehome.org

If you are a family member, please contact your social worker to initiate a referral.

Once the referral is made, the person's name is added to our waiting list. Our waiting list typically has 10 - 25 names.

Once a room is available, our house manager will meet the potential guest and family in their home, apartment, hospital room, or care center. 

If the guest is able to communicate, we talk gently and frankly about where they feel they are in their illness, what they need and want, and if there are caregivers, what the caregivers need and want. 

We only bring people to ABODE who understand they are at the end of their life and want to be with us.

We do not charge for our services. We do accept and appreciate donations. 

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