About 5% of our Guests have been veterans. All branches of the service have been represented. We are grateful to Herschel Sheines and the Jewish War Veterans for their continued support of ABODE and our Veteran Guests.

Early in 2017, we cared for Edna, a 23-year Army Veteran. She was an absolute delight and we're so happy to have been able to share a bit of life with Edna, her family and friends.  



Her friends brought flags to place outside her room. They discovered another guest was also a veteran and made certain he had the proper recognition, too. 



Now, for every veteran who comes to ABODE, we place two flags outside in the garden by their room; an American flag and a flag representing their branch of service.

After the veteran has died, we invite family and friends to drape their beloved with an American Flag. This has been a deeply meaningful ritual. Our American flag, donated by Dixie Flag Company, was first draped on our friend, Edna. 


Escorting someone from ABODE is something done with great reverance and love. You can see Sadie walking alongside. She does that every now and again and seems to understand the seriousness of her job.